Tzitzimitl by Camille Meehan

I just realized I never got around to posting this drawing. Enjoy!

Originally post per my Deviantart account, Luvecerviere…

“Why should I fear the sun, I gave it birth, I can give it death.”…
“The Tzitzimimeh were also associated with the stars and especially the stars that can be seen around the Sun during a solar eclipse. This was interpreted as the Tzitzimimeh attacking the Sun, this caused the belief that during a solar eclipse, the tzitzimime would descend to the earth and devour human beings.[2] The Tzitzimimeh were also feared during other ominous periods of the Aztec world, such as during the five unlucky days called Nemontemi which marked an unstable period of the year count, and during the New Fire ceremony marking the beginning of a new calendar round – both were periods associated with the fear of change.”

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