Elk Rider

bundled up woman riding elk in snow

My latest work, the Elk Rider. A woman isolated in the icy wilderness. She looks to the future despite the uncertainty of now, finding friends where she can and heeding the messages of the world around her.

You can see the work in progress images here. They are really quite strikingly different. This version is the end result of blending that pencil sketch onto the detailed drawing. Thanks for looking feel free to leave a comment.

Additionally a big thank you to Bryan Syme and all the other wonderful people who helped me take this drawing to the next level. Big thank you to my super supportive husband James High for encouraging me to finish!

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Elk Rider Work In Progress

Many of my favorite works are crafted in mechanical pencil. I realize this is a very time consuming way to create art but I enjoy the end results. This work in progress is an example of how I frequently make changes to a piece. If something isn’t quite right in a drawing or I can’t get the digital version to match my traditional style I will redo the work in pencil on top of a light printed version of the existing drawing. I choose Cyan because in the old days Cyan didn’t copy. Nowadays I like the way it scans back in. In this case I left the original rider where she was and drew on top of her. Having drawn this woman about three times now I think I am finally satisfied her placement on the elk. (I may change back to the old hood though :D)

A powerful bull elk carrying an elegant fur clad huntress.

Next I will merge the two pieces back together. The digital modified version is currently much darker so I can’t just drop this into it. I’ll need to spend hours blending out some of the details and getting the lights and darks where I want them. See below for the previous version of the Elk Rider work in progress.

Fisherwoman Riding Elk

You’ll notice I took out the fish if you compare the new and the old. It just didn’t makes sense to get wet fish all over your nice saddle. I looked around online for mounted fisherman and found the interesting shrimp fisherman in the video below. I decided a nice cedar basket would make sense, especially with the woven cedar saddle.

So that is where I’m at right. I know there are a lot of details on the woman but some of those will blend out. Also, her face is going to go digital, I can’t get the look I want in such a tiny space with a mechanical pencil. (8.5 x 11 sheet of 80lb Text). Thanks for reading!

~ Camille

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Yule Card – Work In Progress

When finished this will be going on my Yule card. Still working on integration of the traditional pencil sketch with the digital. I may redo the traditional if I can’t get the digital additions to flawlessly blend.

Fisherwoman Riding Elk

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