In The Fray Work In Progress – Big change in the colors now.

This is the updated work in progress for my latest piece. The colors are really starting to pull it all together. I have the drawing underneath everything but I find that it gets me focusing too much on the details. I wanted to get the all over lighting before focusing in on the tiny bits. Beth Sobel said something similar to, “Start broad in scope and then narrow.” I have a tendency to go narrow too quickly which I’m focusing on improving. I am looking forward to working more on this tomorrow.

Magic explodes into nearby monks, the shrug it off and continue a furious battery of kicks and punches.

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Mage Cabal Sigil


Latest details painted onto the Cabal Sigil for the Avatars of the Ten Spoked Wheel. Just a few more steps and this panel will be done. This photo doesn’t do it justice, it is almost three feet wide.

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