Happy holidays from POS Puppy!

Every year I create a couple of holiday cards. This is one of them. My brief was, ‘puppy in the snow’ so I went with that and brought in a barcode scanner since the company is a point of sale hardware/software store. Usually, things are pretty conservative for their branding so it is nice to do something playful in the spirit of the season.


Season's Greetings Puppy With Barcode Scanner

Playful pup tuggin’ on a barcode scanner. This is an illustration for the holiday card of a point of sale company!


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Holiday Hustle – Gym Art

I’m workin’ on this “Holiday Hustle” campaign for a gym. They use a lot of kettlebells (among other things) and they’re running a special over the holiday season. I created this eye-catching graphic for it and I’ll share the poster when the sale goes live. The trainers are really nice and if you’re in Bham you should check EveryBody’s Gym out.

Holiday Hustle - Kettle Bell Lifting Santa and Turkey

Do you even lift?

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A Bright New Year

Happy New Years everyone.

This year I was promoted to full time graphic designer at my place of employment. I now manage the visual identity, marketing, & content of several massive E-Commerce sites as well as setting up the product catalogs and any other print collateral. I also had the great opportunity to create several freelance websites and some custom vector illustrations. Overall very successful.

With the advent of the New Year I will have more time for Illustration commissions and will be showing off a bit more artwork. Amazing how reducing the hours worked per week can do that!

Blessings to you all, may the New Year bring one more good habit or at least one less bad.

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