2nd Bellingham Sketch Club

Last weeks Bellingham Sketch Club meeting was great. I met up with Gabe Mannino and we talked a long time about our artistic backgrounds as well as our goals for the group. I admire that he started this up on his own. For those curious, YES we are focusing on digital art and YES we are including fantasy and science fiction themes. In the future sessions will consist primarily of drawing.

We finished up with an hour of sketching and some homework assignments. I’m now working on a Surrealist piece and a post card for the next gathering. The Surrealist piece will probably not have progressed far by the time I get there but I’m sure I can produce a finished post card.

This week’s sketch theme… Lets draw dragons! Small and cute, large and deadly, small and deadly, large and cute? doesn’t matter as long as it’s some species of dragon (that you have to name and identify yourself).

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