Wonderful 3D Artist Coriander Dezotell

Wonderland 3D Mushrooms
Image Used Courtesy of Coriander Dezotell

Congratulations to my friend the fabulous 3D artist, Coriander Dezotell! I just found out she is going to be in this year’s Norwescon Art Show. I can’t wait to see her dark, vibrant, quirky, somber illustrations hanging amongst industry pros!

Way to go!

On top of that Coriander is graduating from Capilano University with a degree in Digital Visual Effects late April. If any of you know someone in the market for a 3D artist please check out her demo reel at http://www.corianderdez.com/.

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Bellingham Maritime Sketch

Looking forward to drawing at the museum this weekend. Ive been busy designing websites and painting banners all week, i need a break!

I’m also just about finished with a book on Boris Vallejo’s technique. Lots of tracing paper! I wish my art teachers had drilled into my head at a much earlier age that it is ok to use references. Vallejo writes that in commercial illustration speed is a major concern, the more painting done well the first time the more money was earned. Reading over his traditional technique I am reminded of how spoiled we are with Photoshop.

Though… I now really want to give oils another try despite it all.

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