Trade Show

A brilliant eye catching display for the largest Veterinary Ophthalmologist conference in the world. Sponsorship of the conference program and popular veterinary distributors encourage attendees to stop by and see the new product.

Create a trade show booth backdrop, and coordinated advertisements that will attract veterinarians to the Ocu-GLO™ 2019 ACVO booth.
Outdoor poster design and layout of Andrew Loomis, noted commercial illustrator and advertiser of the 40’s. He believed in using less copy writing and more images to tell the story of the product.

At ACVO conference most DVMs are aware of the productline and will be searching for it. The green and gold branding of Ocu-GLO™ always stands out amongst the sea of blue and whites trade show booths. Now, with the the addition of bright sunglasses on a rambunctious pup, the visual message of canine vision is clearly communicated as well.
Designing at such a large size limits your choice of images. I found an XXL image on iStock and then because it was not big enough, photoedited the background, nearly doubling it in size, by adding more grass texture.

Ocu-GLO™ is the flagship product of Animal Necessity®. It is always a minor challenge to cobrand them in such a way that each brand maintains their own standards. In this case Animal Necessity switches to monochromatic white on green. In the advertisements the Ocu-GLO™ green and gold is placed on white. Both brands use orange and so that acts as the transition in many cases.