Animal Necessity Product Line

The entire product line was refreshed and delivered a week ahead of schedule. The NASC label audit also allowed for universal style updates as well as the creation of a new symbol to highlight increased benefit to horses.

Revise entire supplement product line to meet regulatory labeling standards.

“Completing this audit is of top priority for us, and there is a definitive deadline we are working against.”
I began designing this product line in 2015 based on Animal Necessity’s flagship product Ocu-GLO™ Vision Supplement. The symbols on the front are based on classic veterinary signs as well as the first ‘dog eye’ design. Overtime products were added in a similar style and I created symbols to match.
Similar to DSHEA labeling standards for human supplements, the veterinary supplement industry complies to NASC labeling standards. This is designed to protect buyers by eliminating claims that are not scientifically proven or are exaggerated.
Legibility and limited space required carefully balancing content and layout. The 45 count label is 2.5” tall and guidelines require that warnings be the same size as the rest of the statements. The end result is an essay on a postage stamp which while necessary may at times be a challenge to read.