Runner's High Bright Sunrise

Gone running.

I’m a runner and it wasn’t always so. At first, I had asthma and internalized that because I required an inhaler to get past the hard parts, I couldn’t run. Then when I tried anyways in college, I did it too often with bad form and I developed runner’s knee so again, I thought that I couldn’t run. This year, I resumed my attempts and made the same mistake but this time I had a runner friend Leann to ask for help and the blessed internet. I slowed myself way down, switched to dynamic stretches, cross-trained, rolled out with a foam roller afterward, and reduced the frequency of my run.

Fortunately, third time seems to be the charm and now with stronger muscles and form that doesn’t make seasoned runners want to cover their eyes, I’m back to that lovely runner’s high.

I’m pretty excited, and off to go for a run now. I see my running as an example of continued effort and education paying off. I’m immensely proud of my running habit, and as it was on my mind today, I drew a sketch of that feel…when…your feet are taking you places you want to go.

We have lovely mountains surrounding my home. Most nights are spectacular with purple peaks and peachy sky.
My head goes to a calm space, running is a serene effort.

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