Elk Rider Work In Progress

Many of my favorite works are crafted in mechanical pencil. I realize this is a very time consuming way to create art but I enjoy the end results. This work in progress is an example of how I frequently make changes to a piece. If something isn’t quite right in a drawing or I can’t get the digital version to match my traditional style I will redo the work in pencil on top of a light printed version of the existing drawing. I choose Cyan because in the old days Cyan didn’t copy. Nowadays I like the way it scans back in. In this case I left the original rider where she was and drew on top of her. Having drawn this woman about three times now I think I am finally satisfied her placement on the elk. (I may change back to the old hood though :D)

A powerful bull elk carrying an elegant fur clad huntress.

Next I will merge the two pieces back together. The digital modified version is currently much darker so I can’t just drop this into it. I’ll need to spend hours blending out some of the details and getting the lights and darks where I want them. See below for the previous version of the Elk Rider work in progress.

Fisherwoman Riding Elk

You’ll notice I took out the fish if you compare the new and the old. It just didn’t makes sense to get wet fish all over your nice saddle. I looked around online for mounted fisherman and found the interesting shrimp fisherman in the video below. I decided a nice cedar basket would make sense, especially with the woven cedar saddle.

So that is where I’m at right. I know there are a lot of details on the woman but some of those will blend out. Also, her face is going to go digital, I can’t get the look I want in such a tiny space with a mechanical pencil. (8.5 x 11 sheet of 80lb Text). Thanks for reading!

~ Camille

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