Baby orca swimming in the slipstream of grandma in soft sunrise.

Baby Orca J50 and Grandma Slick

Edit 3-29-2015: Grandma Slick has been pretty much accepted as MOTHER Slick. At an estimated 43 years old she is the oldest recorded female orca to give birth. You go girl. Way to set a record. I grew up in the Sound not knowing much about Orcas, indeed they were just pretty local residents that…

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Red Star Chocobo

I would really like to own a few chickens. Current living situation as it is that is not possible. On top of that I have an amazing husband who doesn’t like chickens, wants ducks… etc. Since I can’t scratch that itch just yet I was suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea. Draw epic chickens! What…

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Charcoal Value Study

A charcoal value study touched up in Photoshop. Another drawing from life. This gentleman was kind enough to pose and smile on queue despite maintaining a constant stream of conversation. So vibrant!

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