J27 Blackberry Art - Copyright Camille Meehan

J27 Blackberry Work In Progress – Color

I was planning to make a shirt of this a while back but never got around to it. Today I decided I’d spend a few hours chatting with Kala and San while working on coloring it. This is my version of J27 Blackberry of the endangered southern resident killer whales, his name is Blackberry. It’ll…

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Werewolf Piece

  Based on Werewolf: The Apocalypse. This painting shows several packs of Garou cleansing their home, the sacred space of the Bawn. Artist Copyright – All works of art within this web site are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of the artist’s works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced…

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Southern Resident Orca Eating Salmon

Orca Awareness Month

June is Orca Awareness Month! With that being said a lot of awareness needs to be raised to help the last 79 remaining Southern Resident Orcas survive. There really is an absolute stunning lack of knowledge where they are regarded. I myself lived here most of my 30 years and only found out last year…

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