Runner's High Bright Sunrise

Gone running.

I’m a runner and it wasn’t always so. At first, I had asthma and internalized that because I required an inhaler to get past the hard parts, I couldn’t run. Then when I tried anyways in college, I did it too often with bad form and I developed runner’s knee so again, I thought that…

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Quotes & Typography

I’m a podcast and audiobook addict. This is pretty awesome except when I’m on a tear (like now) where I lose some of the ideas that change my perceptions or actions short term. What I’m looking for is long term improvement and growth, so after giving some thought to it I decided to make myself…

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Season's Greetings Puppy With Barcode Scanner

Happy holidays from POS Puppy!

Every year I create a couple of holiday cards. This is one of them. My brief was, ‘puppy in the snow’ so I went with that and brought in a barcode scanner since the company is a point of sale hardware/software store. Usually, things are pretty conservative for their branding so it is nice to do…

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Holiday Hustle – Gym Art

I’m workin’ on this “Holiday Hustle” campaign for a gym. They use a lot of kettlebells (among other things) and they’re running a special over the holiday season. I created this eye-catching graphic for it and I’ll share the poster when the sale goes live. The trainers are really nice and if you’re in Bham…

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