Baby orca swimming in the slipstream of grandma in soft sunrise.

Baby Orca J50 and Grandma Slick

I grew up in the Sound not knowing much about Orcas, indeed they were just pretty local residents that got everyone including the locals excited when they would swim by. I’ve had them in my dreams but never really given it a second thought. Then one day I was waiting outside a shop underneath the…

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Mage Cabal Sigil

Latest details painted onto the Cabal Sigil for the Avatars of the Ten Spoked Wheel. Just a few more steps and this panel will be done. This photo doesn’t do it justice, it is almost three feet wide.

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Mage Panel

First off. I can’t make it to sketch at the museum today. Bride duties are sweeping me away. Here are some images of my work in progress on two pieces.

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