Red Star Chocobo - Inspired by the chicken.

A friendly and confident bird. Perfect for beginning riders.

I would really like to own a few chickens. Current living situation as it is that is not possible. On top of that I have an amazing husband who doesn’t like chickens, wants ducks… etc. Since I can’t scratch that itch just yet I was suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea. Draw epic chickens! What is the most epic bird aside from Thunderbird or the Roc which arguably I could have done instead… the CHOCOBO! (If you make some chicken Roc combos send me a link!)

My friend Jessie’s favorite chicken is the Red Star. She says that in her experience they laid the most eggs and were generally a friendly easy chicken to have around her home. So this drawing goes out to Jessie. 🙂 Imagine this bird scratching around your chicken coop!

LETS TALK ABOUT TYPE: This is my first time using the typeface Giddyup and having it work perfect. Hurray! I did have trouble saving the image out without the type going all huge and bolded though. Convert the text layer to a smart object or shape layer before resizing and it will fix your typeface rendering issues.

For your reference and mine I used a chicken from Backyard Chickens. Red Star Chicken


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