Werewolf Piece


Based on Werewolf: The Apocalypse. This painting shows several packs of Garou cleansing their home, the sacred space of the Bawn.

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Orca Awareness Month

June is Orca Awareness Month! With that being said a lot of awareness needs to be raised to help the last 79 remaining Southern Resident Orcas survive. There really is an absolute stunning lack of knowledge where they are regarded. I myself lived here most of my 30 years and only found out last year who the Southern Resident Orcas were.

Who am I? I’m an artist but more importantly, right now, I’m just like you. I’m an average person, working 9 to 5 who wants to see a change in the world and is taking small steps towards that change. For this reason I’m trying to increase awareness! The orcas of the northwest are iconic. You see them Photoshopped into impossible pictures of Mount Rainier and the Space Needle. When the ferry Captain’s voice rings over the intercom, “We’ve stopped to allow a pod of orcas to pass by.” every single face on the boat lights up, quickly pressed to the glass or flushed in the sea breeze. There is something magic about Orcas that choose to live with people.

What do I mean by choose to live with people? Well that takes us back to what the Southern Resident orcas are. They’re a clan of Orcinus orca, the fancy way of saying Killer Whale. We all know what an orca looks like. Huge, black and white, sharp teeth. We’ve seen it often on documentaries doing this…

Killer Whale Attacks Seal

Well that isn’t the orca I’m talking about. Southern Resident Orcas are like the vegetarians of the orca world. They don’t eat seals, sea lion, or porpoises. They have been hunting the Pacific Northwest waters for so long that they only eat fish and squid, mainly Salmon.

Southern Resident Orca Eating Salmon

A southern resident killer whale eats a Chinook salmon. (Credit: Astrid Van Ginneken, Center for Whale Research, Friday Harbor, Wash.)

So back to how they choose to live with people. Southern residents forage for food in the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia. It is a little bit more complicated than that due to seasonal migration patterns that scientists recently discoverd in K and L pods but here is a map showing their range and new extended range courtesy of Curt Bradley, Center for Biological Diversity.

SRKW Range Map


So all those challenges are pretty intimidating but lets take a moment to see what the everyday average person can do to help!

Keep Ocean Water Clean

What goes down the drain goes to the ocean.

  • Don’t put garbage down the sink.
  • Don’t pour grease, fats, oils or food scraps down the sink
  • In the Bathroom, if it didn’t go through you then don’t flush it.
  • Dispose of unused medications at your local pharmacy.
  • How to dispose of medicine (PDF)
  • Properly dispose of chemicals. (paints, cleaners)
  • How to dispose of chemicals (PDF)

Don’t Wash Your Car In The Driveway

  • All that soap and dirt runs out to the storm drains and out to the ocean.

Practice Natural Yard Care

  • Avoid pesticides & chemical fertilizers as they kill off the bottom of the aquatic food chain reducing food for everyone
  • Prevent chemicals from running off into drainage ditches.

Use Natural Products

  • Choose your cleaning products more carefully and avoid any that contain: Disinfectants, Phosphates, Synthetic Perfumes and Fragrances, and Nonyphennol Ethoxlates (NPE’s)
  • Make your own cleaners out of stuff you probably already have.

Above information is courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation davidsuzuki.org

Reduce Reuse Recyle to stop garbage from reaching the oceans

Grow food yourself or buy from local farmers and farmers markets

  • Saves energy
  • Protects groundwater
  • Allows you to learn how to be a good steward of plants and animals

Give them space in the wild

  • Stay out of their path (400 yards)
  • Stay at least 200 yards away
  • Treat them with the same respect you would yourself.

The above helpful tips are courtesy of the Center for Whale Research. Read more at http://www.whaleresearch.com/#!orca-conservation/cbuu

Support Salmon Habitat Reconstruction:

Report Sightings & Beach Strandings

  • http://www.orcanetwork.org – 1-866-ORCANET (672-2638)

Sign the Petition to Remove the 4 Snake River Dams

While this may not immediately help the Southern Residents it helps to be aware of the one captive member of their clan. Lolita/Tokitae is currently being held at Miami Seaquarium and I would like her to be brought home. Her mother is possibly still alive at 86 years of age and there is widespread desire for her release. Please support efforts to retire Lolita to a sea pen in the Puget Sound. She may then have a chance to meet her family once again!

Thank you for reading all the way down here! You rock. Together we can make a better world.

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Imagine – My Homage To Imagine Permaculture Food Forest

My dog is extremely food motivated. Somewhat irritatingly so at times. When I leave the house he scours every nook and cranny for something resembling food. Which is why today when I sat down to read the trifold brochure for Imagine Permaculture Food Forest it was missing a two inch chunk of the logo from the front panel and half of the contact information from the back. I spent some time puzzling out what the brochure was actually saying and finally decided that yes, yes I would like to go attend a work party.

I was thinking about that missing logo while waiting for choir practice and so I decided to imagine my own version. The original symbol is a big tree with the word “Imagine” written in the canopy. The tree is growing on the Earth and its roots begin to wrap around the globe. My version started with the idea of being the globe but then I decided to go someplace completely different. This is what I ended up with.

Imagine a better way to live. A tree grows from an apple that splits the concrete below with roots growing out of the base. City in background.

Inspired by the Imagine Permaculture Food Forest. A community project of Oak Harbor.

Random thought: I too am extremely food motivated. Perhaps my dog takes after me.

Here is a link to the Whidbey News Time article on the urban food forest project. Community garden project takes root

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Princess Lily the Wonderdog and Pups

My friend was kind enough to let me draw her newborn pups. Nine of them! Very adorable.

Mother Dog and Puppies Drawing - Grayscale

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Baby Orca J50 and Grandma Slick

Edit 3-29-2015: Grandma Slick has been pretty much accepted as MOTHER Slick. At an estimated 43 years old she is the oldest recorded female orca to give birth. You go girl. Way to set a record.

Baby orca swimming in the slipstream of grandma in soft sunrise.

I grew up in the Sound not knowing much about Orcas, indeed they were just pretty local residents that got everyone including the locals excited when they would swim by. I’ve had them in my dreams but never really given it a second thought. Then one day I was waiting outside a shop underneath the bones of Rosey (a humpback that beached in Coupeville WA) and reading up on the local wildlife. Surprisingly Puget Sound is home to only three whale pods. They stay here all year round and haven’t mated with any outside pods for centuries. As far as killer whales go I guess they could be considered the vegetarians of the species as they only eat squid and fish, no seals like the transient Orcas are oft seen munchin’ on. Then I read the last bit about there only being 77 Puget Sound orcas left and I was completely stunned. I had always thought they were making a comeback. I’d like to make an effort to help our majestic sea wolves, the Orcas. So here is a drawing of the newest member of pod J. Born only a few days ago, his name is J50 and currently his Grandma Slick and Auntie Echo are baby sitting him while his mother rests. He is none too happy about this and keeps trying to slip away to mama. 🙂 Pretty cute.

J50 is the only living orca baby from the last two years. Starvation and malnutrition is a big problem for these guys so PLEASE send some positive energy their way. Donate to a local salmon stream rebuilding effort like http://www.n-sea.org Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association or volunteer time. (Orcas rely on Salmon for food like so much in our area.) Or even just find ways to reduce your waste water from getting in the Sound. Here are some things YOU can do at your home and with your car that will help keep J50 healthy and eventually well fed. http://pugetsound.org/education/polluted-runoff/what-you-can-do

“The newborn looked healthy and energetic with Slick, but Balcomb noticed it would wander off and have to be corralled back by Slick’s daughter J42, an 8-year-old known as Echo, according to The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor. Babies typically stay right alongside their mothers, Balcomb said.” http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2025372836_whalemotherxml.html

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Red Star Chocobo

Red Star Chocobo - Inspired by the chicken.

A friendly and confident bird. Perfect for beginning riders.

I would really like to own a few chickens. Current living situation as it is that is not possible. On top of that I have an amazing husband who doesn’t like chickens, wants ducks… etc. Since I can’t scratch that itch just yet I was suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea. Draw epic chickens! What is the most epic bird aside from Thunderbird or the Roc which arguably I could have done instead… the CHOCOBO! (If you make some chicken Roc combos send me a link!)

My friend Jessie’s favorite chicken is the Red Star. She says that in her experience they laid the most eggs and were generally a friendly easy chicken to have around her home. So this drawing goes out to Jessie. 🙂 Imagine this bird scratching around your chicken coop!

LETS TALK ABOUT TYPE: This is my first time using the typeface Giddyup and having it work perfect. Hurray! I did have trouble saving the image out without the type going all huge and bolded though. Convert the text layer to a smart object or shape layer before resizing and it will fix your typeface rendering issues.

For your reference and mine I used a chicken from Backyard Chickens. Red Star Chicken

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Charcoal Value Study

A charcoal value study touched up in Photoshop. Another drawing from life. This gentleman was kind enough to pose and smile on queue despite maintaining a constant stream of conversation. So vibrant!

Charcoal Portrait Value Study - Older Man

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Portraits – Charcoal and Pencil

I have been working on portraits lately. These two turned out particularly nice.

Portrait of a woman.

Grey paper with black and white charcoal portrait of a lady.

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My latest piece, Venus. The assault begins but she is tranquil. All things are red dust in time.

This painting was completed a week ago and was slow to be published online due to a wonderful week of baby anticipation. Please let me know what you think of my latest piece of art. Thank you!

Science fiction aerial battle rages behind crimson cloaked psychic.

All images © 2014 Camille Meehan
All rights reserved

Thank you to stock artist Janna Prosvirina www.kuoma.deviantart.com for the beautiful cloak reference photo.

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Mother and Child

Drawing babies! He looked so angry but also super cute. I hope you enjoy my latest sketches and welcome to the world little guy.

Mother and newborn

Sleeping woman

Mother and sleeping baby.

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