Happy holidays from POS Puppy!

Every year I create a couple of holiday cards. This is one of them. My brief was, ‘puppy in the snow’ so I went with that and brought in a barcode scanner since the company is a point of sale hardware/software store. Usually, things are pretty conservative for their branding so it is nice to do something playful in the spirit of the season.


Season's Greetings Puppy With Barcode Scanner

Playful pup tuggin’ on a barcode scanner. This is an illustration for the holiday card of a point of sale company!


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Holiday Hustle – Gym Art

I’m workin’ on this “Holiday Hustle” campaign for a gym. They use a lot of kettlebells (among other things) and they’re running a special over the holiday season. I created this eye-catching graphic for it and I’ll share the poster when the sale goes live. The trainers are really nice and if you’re in Bham you should check EveryBody’s Gym out.

Holiday Hustle - Kettle Bell Lifting Santa and Turkey

Do you even lift?

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J27 Blackberry Work In Progress – Color

I was planning to make a shirt of this a while back but never got around to it. Today I decided I’d spend a few hours chatting with Kala and San while working on coloring it. This is my version of J27 Blackberry of the endangered southern resident killer whales, his name is Blackberry. It’ll be an 11×14 print for sale on the site when I’m done. Right now it is very rough but you can see the ideas I have for color.

J27 Blackberry Art - Copyright Camille Meehan

For info on the amazing southern resident killer whales visit the Center for Whale Research

Or alternatively, you can read about my own experience coming to love these extremely endangered orcas.

This work is copyrighted and you may not reproduce it for any reason without my permission.

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In The Fray Work In Progress – Big change in the colors now.

This is the updated work in progress for my latest piece. The colors are really starting to pull it all together. I have the drawing underneath everything but I find that it gets me focusing too much on the details. I wanted to get the all over lighting before focusing in on the tiny bits. Beth Sobel said something similar to, “Start broad in scope and then narrow.” I have a tendency to go narrow too quickly which I’m focusing on improving. I am looking forward to working more on this tomorrow.

Magic explodes into nearby monks, the shrug it off and continue a furious battery of kicks and punches.

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Work in Progress – In The Fray

This is my work in progress for what I’ve been calling, “In The Fray”. It is looking pretty rough on the colors right now but I see potential! I started coloring last night and I am working in lots of layers to try and build up the texture I so love in art. The two main fighters on the right are destroying the mages on the left. The sparks haven’t started to fly (I haven’t drawn in the magic yet.) but they will soon! Poor mages.

In The Fray Combat Scene - Work in Progress

** EDIT ** This doesn’t look like it is making much progress… Don’t worry. It will get there, very very soon. You will see πŸ˜‰

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Baby Orca J50 and Grandma Slick

Baby orca J50 swimming in the slipstream of Grandma Slick in soft sunrise.

I grew up in the Sound not knowing much about Orcas, indeed they were just pretty local residents that got everyone including the locals excited when they would swim by. I’ve had them in my dreams but never really given it a second thought. Then one day I was waiting outside a shop underneath the bones of Rosey (a humpback that beached in Coupeville WA) and reading up on the local wildlife. Surprisingly Puget Sound is home to only three whale pods. They stay here all year round and haven’t mated with any outside pods for centuries. As far as killer whales go I guess they could be considered the vegetarians of the species as they only eat squid and fish, no seals like the transient Orcas are oft seen munchin’ on. Then I read the last bit about there only being 77 Puget Sound orcas left and I was completely stunned. I had always thought they were making a comeback. I’d like to make an effort to help our majestic sea wolves, the Orcas. So here is a drawing of the newest member of pod J. Born only a few days ago, his name is J50 and currently his Grandma Slick and Auntie Echo are baby sitting him while his mother rests. He is none too happy about this and keeps trying to slip away to mama. πŸ™‚ Pretty cute.

J50 is the only living Orca baby from the last two years. Starvation and malnutrition is a big problem for these guys so PLEASE send some positive energy their way. Donate to a local salmon stream rebuilding effort like http://www.n-sea.org Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association or volunteer time. (Orcas rely on Salmon for food like so much in our area.) Or even just find ways to reduce your waste water from getting in the Sound. Here are some things YOU can do at your home and with your car that will help keep J50 healthy and eventually well fed. http://pugetsound.org/education/polluted-runoff/what-you-can-do

“The newborn looked healthy and energetic with Slick, but Balcomb noticed it would wander off and have to be corralled back by Slick’s daughter J42, an 8-year-old known as Echo, according to The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor. Babies typically stay right alongside their mothers, Balcomb said.” http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2025372836_whalemotherxml.html

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Bellingham Maritime Sketch

Just another Saturday sketch meet up. Do let me know if you’d like to join. Sadly the Bellingham Maritime Museum will be closing at the end of August. A pity but I hope the board can finally get some well deserved R&R. With some luck the exhibits will find new homes. Here is my long form sketch of a wooden boat hull. Charcoal/Chalk on toned paper with Photoshop color touchup.

Charcoal drawing of all wooden boat hull

Also one more quick sketch. This is from the week prior. It was a really quick 15 minute sketch of one of the 1800’s anchors from a masted ship. I was a little concerned seeing this out in the open for in the history of my attending this museum the anchor has been undergoing a preservation process. Basically after sitting in salt water for so long, simply exposing it to the air would cause major damage. Turns out they were just scraping off all the ‘gunk’ that day. (looked like fungus or moss but I’m pretty sure it was the salt leeching out somehow….) It was back into its preservation tank last Saturday beginning the blackening process. Basically they had it hooked up to a generator and were channeling electricity into the water. (So cool!) It is slowly turning black which means they are almost done preserving this very VERY old piece of maritime history. I’m excited for them!

Masted Ship Anchor by Camille Meehan

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Elk Rider

bundled up woman riding elk in snow

My latest work, the Elk Rider. A woman isolated in the icy wilderness. She looks to the future despite the uncertainty of now, finding friends where she can and heeding the messages of the world around her.

You can see the work in progress images here. They are really quite strikingly different. This version is the end result of blending that pencil sketch onto the detailed drawing. Thanks for looking feel free to leave a comment.

Additionally a big thank you to Bryan Syme and all the other wonderful people who helped me take this drawing to the next level. Big thank you to my super supportive husband James High for encouraging me to finish!

Artist Copyright – All works of art within this web site are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of the artists works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artist.

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Bellingham Sketch Meetup

PACV Hovercraft by Camille Meehan

Just met up last Saturday at the Bellingham Maritime Museum. Had great fun sketching with Jamel Markee. I invited members of the Bellingham Artists Collective but with such short notice nobody made it. Maybe next time! Regardless, Jamel wanted to draw the hovercraft so I drew the hovercraft for what is probably the third or fourth time. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. It is surprisingly challenging to draw this massive piece of machinery. It blows my mind to imagine it actually in action.

Following a quick YouTube search I can now imagine it.

These videos shows what looks exactly like the PACV at the museum and I know that it served in Vietnam with one of the PBR river boats they have. Who knows… maybe it’s one of the ones in the videos. I couldn’t find a video of the monster face they sometime paint on the front but here is a cool photo of the face. Source http://www.bellinghammaritimemuseum.org

PACV Vietnam Monster Face

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Sea Monster

A Sea Monster doodle that I created with permanent marker a while back. Decided to take it to Photoshop and color it last night. I took my inspiration from the old renaissance maps, “here there be monsters”. πŸ˜‰

Old Sea Monster on a rock by Camille Meehan - High

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