PACV Hovercraft by Camille Meehan

Just met up last Saturday at the Bellingham Maritime Museum. Had great fun sketching with Jamel Markee. I invited members of the Bellingham Artists Collective but with such short notice nobody made it. Maybe next time! Regardless, Jamel wanted to draw the hovercraft so I drew the hovercraft for what is probably the third or fourth time. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. It is surprisingly challenging to draw this massive piece of machinery. It blows my mind to imagine it actually in action.

Following a quick YouTube search I can now imagine it.

These videos shows what looks exactly like the PACV at the museum and I know that it served in Vietnam with one of the PBR river boats they have. Who knows… maybe it’s one of the ones in the videos. I couldn’t find a video of the monster face they sometime paint on the front but here is a cool photo of the face. Source

PACV Vietnam Monster Face


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