Just another Saturday sketch meet up. Do let me know if you’d like to join. Sadly the Bellingham Maritime Museum will be closing at the end of August. A pity but I hope the board can finally get some well deserved R&R. With some luck the exhibits will find new homes. Here is my long form sketch of a wooden boat hull. Charcoal/Chalk on toned paper with Photoshop color touchup.

Charcoal drawing of all wooden boat hull

Also one more quick sketch. This is from the week prior. It was a really quick 15 minute sketch of one of the 1800’s anchors from a masted ship. I was a little concerned seeing this out in the open for in the history of my attending this museum the anchor has been undergoing a preservation process. Basically after sitting in salt water for so long, simply exposing it to the air would cause major damage. Turns out they were just scraping off all the ‘gunk’ that day. (looked like fungus or moss but I’m pretty sure it was the salt leeching out somehow….) It was back into its preservation tank last Saturday beginning the blackening process. Basically they had it hooked up to a generator and were channeling electricity into the water. (So cool!) It is slowly turning black which means they are almost done preserving this very VERY old piece of maritime history. I’m excited for them!

Masted Ship Anchor by Camille Meehan


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