About Camille

Camille Meehan hails from enchanting Whidbey Island. Her highly textured and detailed style is inspired by a childhood spent exploring the forests, swamps and beaches of the Puget Sound. When not plodding through bogs in industrial rubber boots (in search of the most impressive Skunk Cabbage flower) Camille could be caught in the library reading Paul Goble’s “The Girl Who Loved Horses” and Steven Kellog’s “Pinkerton Behave”.

Those favorite childhood pastimes bloomed into a love of art featuring rich detail and careful selection of terrains and plant life. While her technical skills have improved since those first crayon landscapes, you can still see the early influences of the island to this day.

Profoundly interested in the creative arts she graduated from high school and delved deeper by attaining a Bachelors in Design from WWU. The classes taken there honed her skills and led her to work professionally as a graphic designer. Her knowledge of print, publishing and web media only stands to support her professional flexibility.

Thank you for visiting the website of Camille Meehan. May you find a piece that warms your spirit or inspires a question.

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